Taylor Swift covers (x)
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we need a secret code for candids like if she touches her right ear then that’s her being like “shoutout to my peeps on tumblr” and only we’ll know what it means oooooh scandalous

taylorswift feel free to try this out





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I was listening to a lot of late 80’s pop music. And how bold those songs were, and how that time period was a time of limitless possibilities.

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callie really frickin loves it

taylorswift so my dog really loves shake it off (and so do i)

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taylorswift i can’t think of any good reason for you to follow me, i don’t stand out or anything and i usually go unnoticed and i spent SO LONG trying to get noticed on instagram and failed every time and i even went to your gym a while ago (bc i live in nyc too) and of course that was the one day you decided not to go (you went every day around that time)

point is there is literally NO LOGICAL REASON as to why you should notice me or follow me but i’m asking you anyway because i find you to be the most brilliant human being ever and you’re strong and resilient and intelligent and fascinating and where was i going with this

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"Taylor Swift should write a song called maybe I’M the problem!"


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Look who’s in my math book!

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